Your Oasis


The tree-lined entrance and roundabouts set the tone for a community designed to be a true oasis in the modern world. Briley is rife with all the natural wonders one would want in order to enjoy the simpler plea- sures in life, yet complete with all the contemporary conveniences our 21st century has to offer in Oakland and the surrounding communities.

The Preserve

The Briley Farm community borders the 128-acre Oakland Nature Preserve, a "hidden gem" donated by the Voss Family, offering environmental education and ecotourism activities for visitors of all ages.

In fact, according to the Audubon Society, the area has the greatest diversification of bird types in all of Inland North America. It boasts more than 362 species, in addition to turtles, rabbits, otters and other indigenous wildlife. Now you have the unique opportunity to make their home yours as well.

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